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R-KAL BEATS: Crafting sonic landscapes that transcend genres. With a passion for rhythm and melody, R-KAL brings beats to life that resonate with emotion guaranteed to meet the needs of artists or content creators. With understanding on finding the perfect beat to bring your project to life, explore the diverse soundscape of R-KAL Beats - where every beat tells a story. 

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Music producer/full-time firefighter.


Introducing R-KAL BEATS, the musical alter ego of Angelo, a dedicated full-time firefighter who seamlessly balances the demands of first responder calls and fire emergencies with his passion for crafting beats.


Born out of the hustle and rhythm of real-life heroism, R-KAL BEATS embodies the spirit of dedication and creativity.

Angelo's journey into the world of music began in middle school, where he first picked up the trumpet and found himself immersed in the captivating world of melodies and harmonies. His undeniable talent and commitment to his craft earned him a scholarship to play in the school band on college level, marking the inception of a deep and enduring relationship with music.

The discipline and precision instilled by his experiences in the band not only honed Angelo's skills on the trumpet but also cultivated a keen ear for music. This foundation became the bedrock upon which R-KAL BEATS would later emerge.


Despite the challenges and unpredictability of firefighting, Angelo utilizes the intervals between calls to delve into his creative realm, producing beats that reflect both the intensity of his profession and the harmony he finds in the midst of chaos.

R-KAL BEATS' music is a testament to the resilience and passion that fuels Angelo's dual life. The fusion of his firefighting experiences and musical background results in a unique sound that resonates with authenticity and depth. From the pulsating beats inspired by the urgency of emergency calls to the soulful melodies reminiscent of his trumpet days, R-KAL BEATS encapsulates the diverse facets of Angelo's life.


In the midst of firefighting duties, Angelo continues to explore the boundless possibilities of his musical expression, demonstrating that creativity knows no bounds. R-KAL BEATS is not just a beatmaker; it's a testament to the indomitable spirit of a firefighter whose heart beats to the rhythm of both duty and passion.

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